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Want to connect to KYC/AML providers? Accept FIAT payments? Or validate social account ownership in your smart contracts?

Silent Data [Oracle] empowers developers to call any authenticated web 2 API from your smart contracts.

(without having your API keys readable by an oracle operator 😉)

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Simple Integration

Only one method is required to integrate off chain data into your Solidity smart contracts.

Don't Trust, Verify

Your API credentials are encrypted for Intel SGX chips, our servers can't read them. We don't see any data returned by API as part of your workflow.

We publish Attestations produced by Intel SGX of the code we run so you can check for yourself that we can't access your data.

Fits Your Workflow

Silent Data [Oracle] jobs can be triggered by smart contracts or web services. A job can call multiple endpoints and make any number of attestations, only sending the data needed by the contract to the blockchain.

"We created Silent Data [Oracle] because there was no solution to connect smart contracts to secure off chain data that we felt comfortable recommending to our clients."

Andy Campbell

Head of Product at Applied Blockchain

Connect To Any API You Need

Silent Data [Oracle] lets you connect to any Web2 API which is authenticated with an API key. Silent Data [Oracle] attestations ensure that the data returned from these APIs doesn't leak to your smart contracts just the insights you need.

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